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Dan Millman

Addressing the Client’s Underlying Problem in The Context of A Criminal Case

Criminal conduct is often the result of underlying problems – problems that have existed for a lengthy period of time and have not been brought under control. Incidents involving violence to another sometimes arise as the result of an escalating feud between friends over money or jealousy between two people involved in an intimate relationship.
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Dan Millman

What to Do if You Are Sued on A Minimum Wage Case

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE SUED ON A MINIMUM WAGE CASE – IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE MINIMUM WAGE CASE ITSELF Both Federal and State laws contain provisions setting forth requirements that employers must meet in paying their employees.
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PW News- Cow Bay Theatre Company

Coincidentally, with the new public school year underway, Port Washington’s Cow Bay Theatre Company (CBTC) elected a new cadre of leaders that will serve the remainder of this year, as well as its coming 2012-2013 season. The community theater group was founded in the fall of 2011.
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