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Daniel is a great attorney and goes above and beyond for his clients.

A.S., client

Dan Millman has represented me for several years and has done an outstanding job.  He listens very well and has always had my best interest in mind. Dan Millman has always returned my calls and has never left me hanging no matter how busy he has been. Dan Millman has an exceptional ability to handle very difficult complex legal work.  He has managed over 1000 documents in my case and has proven himself to be an aggressive litigator in state and federal court.

W.M., client

Attorney Dan Millman has provided counsel and defense for both civil actions and criminal arrest and prosecution for me when I and my family were in serious jeopardy. Dan was personally supportive and professionally effective in quickly staying these complaints; allowing sufficient relief, to then work with him toward overcoming these disruptive intrusions to our lives. He effectively negotiated acceptable resolutions in the civil matters; and, succeeded in the criminal matter in having it technically cleared; hence, avoiding any harm to me. He is respected in court by judges and prosecutors; and, in the local community by practicing lawyers. He provides legal representation for matters both civil and criminal; and, based on my experience with him, both fair and favorable resolutions will be forthcoming to those entrusting their care to him.

D.E., client

I was recommended to Mr. Millman by an associate. I can only say that Mr. Millman has been a very attentive, knowledgeable attorney. When you call he responds immediately speaking volumes to a man that needs his services. I know that compassion does not translate to winning a case but it shows the character he has. I could not give a stronger recommendation to any individual.

N.C., client

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services and representation of Daniel Millman, ESQ., who initially came to me upon recommendation. Throughout the legal process, Daniel keeps you abreast of all proceedings and explains in "layman" terms all documentations. The lines of communication was always open and calls/emails were returned as promptly as possible. His legal costs were more than fair and always clearly delineated. A lawsuit that could have been a major nightmare was dismissed due to his knowledge and expertise in his area of law. Thank you, Daniel.

Andrea G., client

Dan Millman is a very good attorney He had an excellent quality of representation and kept me informed about the proceedings constantly with good outcome of my legal action. I was pleased with the results.

R.S., client

Daniel is a well versed attorney, who knows and understands the legal issues at hand. I have found him to be most cooperative, understanding and results oriented.

Richard Mattucci
CEO at Northern Intelligence Agency, Inc.

I have worked closely with Daniel on a number of matters, and he has served my firm on an of counsel basis. He is highly competent, and aggressively and effectively advocates for clients. He is knowledgeable in various areas of law including both civil and criminal matters in State and Federal Court. Any client who retains him or firm he works with will be well-served.

John Tasolides, Esq.

I have known Dan for over fifteen years. We practiced together at Lefkowitz, Louis & Sullivan, L.L.P., doing primarily federal court litigation, for five years. Since that time, we have collaborated on several other litigation matters. Dan is an excellent attorney to whom I have several times recommended clients seeking a litigation or criminal defense attorney. With clients and co-counsel, he is diligent, responsive, polite and respectful. In court, he is an effective advocate who speaks well and carefully, and is respected by adversaries, judges and juries alike. He writes well, and is skilled at analyzing and researching various legal issues. He cares deeply about his clients and his obligations to them, and works hard on their behalf. I look forward to practicing again with him in the future.

Patrick J. Sullivan, Esq.

Over our careers, Dan and I have found ourselves on different sides, representing opposing parties in a number of contentious litigation cases. Despite the adversarial setting, I have always found Dan to be very cordial, cooperative, and professional in our dealings. He's also an excellent lawyer advocating for his clients' interests.

Patrick Michael McKenna, Esq.

Best results, one of a kind guidance and intensely responsive. A fierce litigator. Highly recommended

Jeff L., client