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Commercial Litigation

In today’s economy, it is certainly not unusual for business relationships to break down as a result of unpredictable conditions such as a change in the financial circumstances of one or more of the involved parties. Mr. Millman has handled commercial matters such as breach of contract actions and partnership disputes in a variety of cases throughout courts in the New York City Metropolitan Area.  As a commercial litigation attorney, he is aware that business and/or financial concerns often render it desirable to resolve such matters without litigation, wherever practical. He is, however, aware that such matters often require legal proceedings and possesses the necessary knowledge and ability to follow through. In a case where litigation is inevitable, you can rely on his experienced counsel and aggressive advocacy.

Call Attorney Daniel L. Millman right away if you have found yourself entangled in a commercial dispute. He will provide you with the sound legal advice you need and will dedicate his time to understanding the nature of the dispute and your needs (and those of your business, where applicable) moving forward.

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