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Federal Litigation

Having a case against you in Federal Court can be daunting, especially if the outcome is likely to impact your business and/or future. Numerous types of cases can be brought in both state and federal court, but the path each such case takes will differ depending upon which court the case proceeds in. Federal Courts handle both civil and criminal cases.

The procedural rules for civil cases in Federal Court are different in numerous respects from those applicable in State Court and the Judges in Federal Court are more demanding with regard to compliance with those rules that their counterparts in State Court. Similarly, the criminal cases brought in federal court are subject to different rules than criminal cases initiated in State Court. One significant difference is the complex guideline structure for sentencing, which is detailed in nature and provides an entirely different array of potential sentences than those available in State Court. 

It is therefore important for a litigant in Federal Court to have legal representation from a practitioner who is familiar with the procedural rules in Federal Court. Mr. Millman has the skill, knowledge and experience to represent you in Federal Court. For several years, Mr. Millman served as a Senior Associate with a law firm that handled cases exclusively in Federal Court and, throughout his career, he has helped numerous clients in Federal Court work through complex matters and he is prepared to put his experience and insight to work for you.

Mr. Millman is familiar with Federal Court rules for both civil and criminal matters and he has litigated civil and criminal cases in Federal Courts throughout the New York City Metropolitan area. The various civil cases that Mr. Millman has litigated in Federal Court include claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act by employees against their employers alleging that they were not paid minimum wage and/or overtime pay. He has also litigated cases in Federal Court asserting claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as contract/partnership disputes and fraud claims. The criminal matters that attorney Millman has defended in Federal Court include immigration fraud and conspiracy to commit interstate prostitution.

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