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Criminal Defense

A former prosecutor who thereafter represented clients charged with a variety of offenses, Mr. Millman has handled numerous criminal matters at the investigation, hearing and trial stage. His experience includes jury trials in murder, rape, burglary and assault cases.

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Mr. Millman has handled a variety of criminal matters. He has prosecuted and defended several Driving While Intoxicated cases and, while serving as an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County, worked in a division of the District Attorney’s office specializing in the prosecution of DWI cases.

He has also prosecuted and defended a variety of financial crimes, such as larceny, immigration fraud and medicare fraud. Being accused of any such offense is indeed a harrowing experience. Such accusations are sometimes a result of a government investigation which has been pending for a lengthy period of time, particularly when such charges are initiated in Federal Court. As a result, the government will often have accumulated much of the evidence it intends on using against you by the time you first learn of the case. It is therefore critical to take immediate action to protect your rights and evaluate your legal options at the earliest stage of the case.

Mr. Millman has prosecutorial experience and an understanding of the investigative techniques employed by agencies investigating and prosecuting such offenses. This knowledge is crucial toward the preparation of a defense. The legal defense of such matters typically involves a massive amount of financial records and related documents. Mr. Millman has, on several occasions, successfully worked with forensic accountants and other financial experts to solidify and strengthen his clients' position. Mr. Millman has handled such matters for years and he has done so against the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the United States Attorneys’ Office and large insurance companies.